November 30, 2007


with the holiday season quickly approaching the holiday sales are in full swing. i've been debating gift ideas a lot lately. i have some people that are really easy to buy for, and i have others that are not. i thought i would share some of the more unique and fun gifts that i have received or given, in hopes to inspire some good gift ideas for both you and me... over the years, some of my most memorable gifts have been:

holiday decorations
magazine subscriptions
tickets to a sporting event
tickets to a play
a more-expensive than i would buy bottle of wine (or beer or liquor)
kitchen accessories: salt/pepper grinder, yummy sauces, serving bowls
fun drink glasses
iTunes gift cards
a home-made CD
cook books
house plant
pjs or bath robe
photo album with pictures already in it
anything home made/baked
sports memorabilia

what are some of the greatest, most unexpected, or unique gifts that you have received? i'd love to hear your thoughts.

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