December 3, 2007

Skoal Vikings

it was a very busy weekend. i worked until 8:30 on friday night & then met a friend for drinks and food. good thing too, i so needed the break and distraction, good times. saturday was the first snow-fall in minnesota...and it snowed ALL DAY! 9:00 am the first flakes came plummeting to the ground (it certainly wasn't the pretty, sweet snowfall from the movies). late into the evening the winds whipped and the flakes flew diagnally from the sky. I saw cars in the ditch, cabs spin-out across 3 lanes of traffic and had to flick the ice from my windshield so many times i lost count. the great snow storm didn't keep me inside though, i ventured out all the way south to burnsville and all the way north to roseville...ain't no little snow gonna keep me in doors. both friday and saturday night were late nights, i collectively got about 12 hours of sleep all weekend (so if i fall asleep writing this, sorry). sunday morning i got up, worked for an hour, showered quick, made chilli (YUMMO) got ready and headed to the vikings game. ROCK vikings tickets! and what a great game. if you follow football at all, you know that the vikings are NOT the best team around. and they have struggled a lot this year. but yesterday's game was sheer dominance. 7 touchdowns the vikings scored, holding the detriot lions to just one fieldgoal and one touchdown. fantastic! lots of excitement, great running, a few trick-plays...including a faked fieldgoal attempt for a touchdown and a returned kick-off for a touchdown. all star performance by the vikings. SKOAL VIKINGS! after the vikings game cindy & i put up the christmas tree and hung out all night. i LOVE the holiday much festivity and good-cheer. lovely times!
well, that's a condensed run-down of my weekend.
hope yours was well, too.

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