November 19, 2007

Top 5

I said I would post here's my top 5:
1. Will Smith (he's so darn cute & funny...with those big ears! he's been my number 1 draft pick for at least a decade).
2. Justin Timberlake (the man CAN DANCE! need I say more? oh, yeah...he can sing too).
3. Garry Dourdan (he plays Warrick Brown on CSI...mmm, a black man with green eyes, he's super sweet, very intelligent and totally ripped).
The next two were a bit more difficult to determine...
4. Leonardo DiCaprio (I was never a huge Leo fan, until I watched him in The Departed, he was so bad-ass good-guy in that movie! not to mention that I love gangsta/mob movies...double-score).
5. Shia LeBouf (I recently saw him in Distrubia and Transformers...he plays kind of a nerdy guy, but it's really endearing, he's a bit awkward, which makes him human).

Personality is a HUGE factor in attraction, for me. And, yes, I realize that I am mostly attracted to a specific role(s) that each of these people play.
k, so this wasn't my greatest post ever...but I said I'd write it, so here it is.
more. better. later.

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