November 15, 2007

my thoughts escape me

i had some really great ideas for blog topics last night and this morning...but since i didn't write them down, now i can't remember them. (damn bad memory!)

so, instead of my brilliant blog topics from before, you'll have to settle for random thoughts from today...

1. this morning i stopped at perkins to get pie for a co-workers birthday, and i saw a few elderly people in the restaurant eating breakfast (i guess younger folk don't get up early enough for a solid perkins breakfast...i sure don't). there was one nice-looking gentleman sitting near the door by himself. i had extra coupons (after using one to buy the pie) and politely offered them to the man (i didn't want them to go to waste), he said thank you and i was on my way. i always feel bad when i see older people dining alone. maybe it is their choice to do so. but i also fear that they have lost their soul mate too early and have succumbed to dining alone. i hope this isn't the case.

2. celebrating co-workers birthdays usually involves mid-morning cake (or cupcakes or pie or something). today as we were rounding up the troops for 10:00 (a.m.) pie, i thought to myself how pissed kids would be if they knew adults were eating birthday cake at 10 in the morning...and before lunch! i giggled to myself thinking about it.

3. ok, word-buffs and smarty-pantses... can you tell me the two standard meanings of the word "cervix"? yes, i know this is a rediculous question...and i know what we all think of first (i assure you, this is not a sex-ed question). let me explain how i got to this third point... my day so far has been spent entering product codes in a dental catalog. one of the entries refers to two shade options: cervical yellow and cervical gray. my curiosity was instantly spiked - what does cervical have to do with the colors yellow or gray??? so, i don't know the answer to the colors question, but upon further investigation i did learn that cervical has a second meaning (beyond all of your initial thoughts). Cervix: the back part of the neck.

4. i can't believe i just wrote an entire paragraph about the word cervix!

5. TOP 5. we all have celebrity crushes, hotties we like to admire and so forth. this topic is a two parter...
a) what dictates your celebrity crushes? is it purely physical...or do personality and/or characters/roles played contribute to a celebrities sexiness?
b) who's on your TOP 5?

if i actually get answers about this...i'll divulge my hollywood faves =)
oh, and victoria secret supermodels (or all NFL quarterbacks) does not work for a single entry on your top 5 list!


mizstizzle said...

I think personality and physicial attributes should be considered...but I basically am basing my top five on looks..

Justin Timberlake (his talent/looks are off the charts!)
The guy from prison break...super hot!
McSteamy is hot, but I wouldn't say I have a crush on him...he's just really nice to look at
Micheal Buble makes me melt
...and even though this is a wierd one...I've always had a little crush on Eminem (his bad boy appeal is pretty that wrong?)

Kate said...

Hi again. Sadly, I know what cervical means in the dental sense.

TWO comments in one day! Geez, I should probably, like... work.

Jane Johnson said...

I'm sure I have more recent crushes, but those I had as a teen seemed more prominent. Jared Leto, oh yeah...he was hot, especially when he sings in episodes of My So Called Life....I want to be sedated.

I also always though Taye diggs was hot...I can't remember what movie he was in that had a nice ass shower scene. hmmmmm yum

mizstizzle said...

I just remembered! Chris Daughtry is sultry...and I have always had a crush on the lead singer from incubus...Brandon Boyd, YUM-O!