December 27, 2007

Holiday Highlights

now that Christmas has come and gone, i'm anxiously awaiting 2008 and all the excitement, challenges, and greatness it is sure to bring. but first, i must reflect on the past weekend o'celebrating (no, i'm not suddenly irish).

in no particular order, here are some of the highlights from the weekend (and by weekend, i mean friday through wednesday):

getting together with friends friday night to celebrate the peace corps volunteers momentary return
finding out my sister is pregnant with child #2
winning the fantasy football league
getting free dinner for being the top team in our fantasy football side-bet
giving my mom & dad an ipod & watching my dad become a fanatic of downloading music
my nephew already nearly wearing out his magna doodle i got him for Christmas
good food, laughter, and good times with the family
my brother and i pushing my car out of the snow-filled driveway at my parents on sunday
getting grown-up gifts, like kitchen-wares, and absolutely loving it
my dad asking me several times how i could be doing so well in the fantasy football league (i have a small problem remembering my players names and positions)
having wednesday off, and shopping most of the day
my nephew doing the hand motions to "if you're happy & you know it"
seeing my grandma and brother (who live in florida & chicago respectively)
making yummy breakfast snacks for my family

it was a very good Christmas...i'm a very luck person.
hope yours was a good one too!

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