December 28, 2007

the eye of the beholder...

in the laws of attraction, we all must admit that physicality does play some kind of role. physical attractiveness probably plays a larger roll when we first meet someone than it does once we have gotten to know them. but how much does physical attraction mean in relationships? and what about personality? both are important...but is one more important than the other? does the balance shift as we get older?
it has often been said: looks fade, but conversation gets better with age. so is it really important to look good? do we, as a culture, place too much emphasis on looks? is it in our DNA make-up? kind of a Darwinian natural selection...perhaps the people today are much better looking than the people of 2,000 years ago...and perhaps the people of 2207 will be far superior looking than we are. is this a form of snobism? or perhaps superiority?
as devil's advocate, i ask - will the world become a matching of good-looking, perhaps not-so-smart people? will the best looking in school be those who pair up and procreate to populate the earth? leaving the less-attractive, and perhaps more intelligent behind? if this is the case, is or will the world be getting dumber?
but on the other side of the coin, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder...what is attractive to one, may not be attractive to another. que serra, really. subjectivity reigns the world of attraction, leading all types of people into relationships. perhaps i have answered my own questions.

(i may have completely missed here...i was trying to be funny and intellectual, maybe just came off as random words on the page? will try better next time.)

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MizStizzle said...

You were funny....especially since I read this AFTER I posted today!