December 11, 2007

go forth...and prosper

recently i was talking with a friend whose daughter is struggling through her sophomore year of college. the conversation brought back many of my own struggles and growths during my 2nd year of college. we discussed how social structures change and that feeling of being lost. (i still have that "lost" feeling from time to time.) when i have these chats with my friend, i find it ironic that her daughter is struggling with so many of the same things i struggled with. i learned a lot that sophomore year...and every year since. i've come to a few conclusions, of which i think we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

1) don't be so hard on yourself. we all need to be cut a little slack from time to time
2) what's good for the goose... is not always good for the gander (in other words, don't compare yourself to everyone else...we are all different people and therefor we survive/deal/react/struggle/progress differently)
3) celebrate the victories...even the seemingly small ones.

in connection with these lessons and my recent chats, i ran across this article, which i thought pertained to life (well, my life at least). maybe you'll find something useful in it as well. even if you aren't a nay-sayer (which i would say that i am not)...a little positive thinking can go a long ways...

and this i wish: good fortune to you.

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