December 6, 2007

stolen liquid crack

my friend ben posted a blog not too long ago about things he wishes he could turn into liquid form in order to consume of these things throughout the day. these are some of his favorite things, which he admittedly gets addicted to from time to time. i thought it was a really interesting idea. basically - what is it that i love so much in this world, i want it all the time?

upon first blush, i was sad in wondering if i loved anything THAT much?!?!
but i guess, off the top of my head, some of my favorite things are:

the smell of a fresh spring breeze
chocolate chip cookie dough
laying on the couch cuddled up watching a really great movie
really super delicious food (especially when i make it)
wandering about taking pictures of nature
laughing really hard with my friends
dark chocolate
discovering new places and things
my 1.5 year old nephew putting his arms up & saying "touchdown"
an awesome deal shopping

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