January 27, 2008

hey hey, drop the puck

got together with some friends to play hockey last night. i was a little nervous - i hadn't been on skates for probably 4 years, and hadn't touched a hockey stick in 6. i played high school hockey and was pretty good - compared to the talent level at the time (which was not quite to the caliber of today's high school girls players, but most of us had touched a hockey stick for the first time as junior high or high schoolers). i was pleasantly surprised at how easily my moves came back to me. we had a vast range of talents, and everyone was just out to have a good time. it wasn't intimidating going up against the better boys, because they didn't just walk right around me, showing off (like i remember the high school boys doing when we played pick-up games). i had a really great time - and got an amazing work-out. i'm going to blame my ease of being winded on the cold air and my cold. (it couldn't possibly be that i'm out of shape...could it?) i'm really glad that i have a group of friends who is willing to get together and do things like this from time-to-time. it's fantastic. today, i'm a bit sore, but it was worth it!

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