January 25, 2008

my little darlin' is a firecracker

today is one of those days that reminds me of just how easily amused/entertained/excitable/pleased I really am!
I am in a super great mood today, and here's why (in no particular order)
it's Friday
I leave for vacation a week from tomorrow
I made up some pretty awesome designs
a friend sent some funny sayings my way
google-chat now makes awesome smiley heads on my computer
a friend received some news...that hopefully will end up being really great
things are coming together

it's a fantastic day! how about you? how are you feeling today? what's got you up? or what has you down (hopefully you're up, though)?
(yep, i'm soliciting comments. please indulge me, lovely readers)

1 comment:

miramarie said...

Don't forget about your super-cute new haircut!