January 18, 2008

i am woman

hear me ROAR!

i have an underlying dislike (not sure if "dislike" is even a strong enough word) for girls (cause i don't think they classify as women) who play the damsel in distress role. yes, everyone (man or woman) has times when they are in need of help. but what about those girls who all-but place their hands on their foreheads and proclaim "oh my," expecting some viral man to rescue her? what is this 1802? i've seen some steps backward when it comes to equality for women. and those stepping are of the female persuasion. ladies, how do we expect men to view us as equals when we don't act that way ourselves?!?! don't abuse your girl-dom when you don't want to do something...passing the responsibility off to a male counterpart. how is that any different than a man deeming you incapable? there is a fine-line between allowing others to help you, and having others do for you.
i'm all for having the door held open for me, but i'm also more than happy to hold the door for others. the way i see it, in life you can't ask someone else to do something for you that you wouldn't do for them. you also can't expect to be treated as an equal if you aren't willing to hike up your skirt and pull your own weight.

please, ROAR loudly!

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