January 21, 2008

capped again (errr, re-cap)

kinda an uneventful weekend. it was DAMN cold here in MN. brrr. my original plan was to shut myself in for the weekend, refusing to venture out doors, but that never works! friday, after work, i reluctantly drug myself to the Y. i really needed to work out, but with my sickly cough, i was feeling very un-motivated. in an attempt to compromise between my enthusiastic-workout-self and my lazy-wanting to lay on the couch-self, i road the stationary bike for 20 minutes while reading a magazine. and done. (yep, sometimes i cheat, but something HAS to be better than nothing, right? right!?!). then jj called to see if wanted to come over and hang out with a few friends - sure thing. after showering and changing, i headed off. on my drive out to jj's i went into a rediculous coughing spasm which resulted in me not being able to breath, tears streaming down my face and almost having to pull off the road. it was awful! i finally caught my breath and drove the rest of the way to her house with the window cracked and the heat turned towards cold (despite the negative temperatures outdoors). the cold air helped calm my bronchial spasms enough to not loose my breath again (although i did cough pretty much then entire 25-minute drive out there). it was a good night, playing games with a few pals, and then heading home about 1.
sautrday, i actually slept in. YAY me. I woke up about 10:30 (a recent new-record for me) and laid in bed, watching tv until after 11. then my need-to-accomplish kicked in. i worked for 2 hours and then got all of my paper work assembled and ready for my (GASP) taxes. ICK, disgusting, awful!!! i did manage to stay in my pjs until after 5 pm...lovely! saturday night, c & i headed to a wedding reception. it was kind of a friend-of-a-friend, but we had a great time. k & w were there (they are the mutual friends, and were in the wedding) both looked fabulous! we had a good time, dancing and socializing. there was even a photo booth - you know, the kind that takes 3 photos and they come out in a strip. good times.
sunday i reluctantly went to the Y again, attempted to run, but was held back by my cold and gave up (totally a quiter yesterday). i did some stuff around the house, met up with a few friends, and headed to my sisters for dinner. it was good to have some family time. i played with my 1.5 year old nephew - that was fantastic! we crawled around on the floor, me chasing him and him laughing. everything i did was funny to him yesterday. he's reverting back to some baby-ways, we think he's beginning to realize that another baby is coming. and, i really don't think he likes it. but he had a good time with auntie angie last night...and i had fun making him laugh. i love the sounds of his laughter.
that's about all, that was my weekend. hope your's was a good one, and that you stayed warm!

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