January 7, 2008

leaving on a jet plane...

don't know when she'll be back again.
my peace corps hero headed back to central america on saturday. she was home for nearly 3 weeks...20 days of actually being able to talk with and see her. it. was. fantastic. the time flew by so much faster than i expected (and i expected it to go fast). i already miss her like crazy. she's the one person who totally gets me - sometimes without me even having to say anything. but i wasn't that sad for her to leave. i was sad in a selfish, but what about me kind of way. i know, though, that she's rediculously happy living this life. when we met her at the airport 3 weeks ago i could see this look of happiness and love in her eyes. she is living the life she is meant to be living. and for that, i am not sad at all... i am very, very happy. this gave me peace in my heart, as i said my farewell to her. (it also helps that she has a love down there...a very, very true love.)
i know that life changes, people come into and leave from our lives. it's not always easy to make those adjustments, but knowing that the people you love, even when they are thousands of miles away, are truly happy makes adjusting a little bit easier. and even though our communication is sporadic, and even though she's living several countries away, i still know that we are great friends and that we'll always be there for each other.

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MizStizzle said...

Leaving on a jet plane is now stuck in my head....thanks....thanks a lot ;)