January 4, 2008

i don't want a burger!

in college i was mostly a vegetarian. there is actually a name for this, it's pseudo-vegetarian (and betty crocker recognizes it, so it's real). at any rate, i rarely ate meat in college, and even now i don't eat meat as often as most people. sometimes this is hard to do, and some weeks i end up eating meat several days in a row - which my digestive system gets very angry about. the last couple of days i've been feeling the wrath of my tummy. blah! so, today i searched the web for some meat-less meal ideas, and i was greatly disappointed. most of the easy every-day type recipes i found called for boca burgers or some other meat-like product. this doesn't really suffice my meat-less agenda (even though, i know there is no meat in the boca products). i need something to sustain myself on besides veggie pasta or rice with beans tacos. any body have any thoughts? if you have any flavor combos that work well as veggie meals or recipes that you want to share...i greatly appreciate it! thanks in advance readers, for helping me out.

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MizStizzle said...

Fritatta's work well when you aren't in the mood for meat. I like to use roma tomatoes, onion, spinach and some sort of flavorful cheese (like a combo of parm and something else)
Mix up a couple of eggs.
Add a little bit of milk
Melt some butter in a small frying pan and add the egg
after about a minute add the cheese, then tomatoes, onion and spinach.
Cook on low to med-low for five to ten minutes.
Attempt to flip in one piece (usually by the toss in the air and pray method)..OR you can put your pan in the oven set on broil to finish the cooking process