January 22, 2008

Yeah, but I'm funny.

(my brother would respond to this: but looks aren't everything.)

i don't really have anything to blog about today. i've got a 3-day long nagging headache. this is compounded by my un-curbed appetite (oddly my head doesn't hurt while i'm eating). i'm spiraling out of control - rather quickly.

i just heard that heath ledger died. sad day. his daughter is not yet 3 years old. he was an amazing actor. pills were found near his body. so, so sad.

i'm leaving on vaca in 10 days. so excited. hoping to go zip-lining in the rain forest. we'll see. can't complain about amazing food and drinks with umbrellas while i get a tan.

lots to do in the next 10 days. there is packing, waxing, tanning, working, birthdays to celebrate. busy, busy, busy.

for some reason, i have an amazing knack for saying what jj was just about to say. it makes me laugh. i hope it doesn't frustrate her too much.

i'm procrastinating my work. i've got a project due tomorrow (just got it) and yet, here i am, writing this blog about basically nothing.

one of these days i might steal wtf's idea and create a movie game on my blog. he got lots of comments (people playing the game)...and, well, i'd like to be popular too. look for my copy-cat blog in the future.

for now, i'm out.

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Jane Johnson said...

My brother would say the same thing....crazy! And I too love that we keep thinking things similtaneously!