February 18, 2008

here i am...monday morning again

it was a good weekend...productive, fun, relaxing.
i originally wrote a weekend re-cap, but it was pretty boring. so i scratched that.
the weekend consisted of: dinner out with r, seeing the bucket list (decent movie), hanging with friends to watch hockey, baking, cooking, working, running x2, lifting (very sore arms), consoling, and a little relaxin.
yesterday i struggled with a slight, nagging headache most of the day. it eventually worked its way into my shoulder, which is usually the kiss of death for me. i spent the majority of my night laying on the heating pad watching cast away. it didn't really help. i woke-up this morning with that same straining pain that i'm becoming all too familiar with. YUCK! i thank thermacare for making those adhesive 8-hour heat pads, because there are days i wouldn't make through without them (today is one of those yucky days). stupid knots in my shoulders and tightness in my neck, it's practically debilitating. and uber annoying! i think that means i'm due for a massage...oh, if only i had $100 just lying around.
sorry readers, i'm done complaining, its just hard to concentrate with this.
this week is going to be real busy. but hopefully will contain some great times - wednesday is happy hour with some friends who are leaving the country soon, and friday is gopher hockey. saturday morning i get to hang with my nephew. tonight - i get my taxes done...wish me luck!
that's all for now, friends. sorry, i'm a bit lame this monday morning, hopefully i'll have something better for you later.

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