February 18, 2008


I am political-idiot...admittedly. but i'm trying to learn more.

today i read in the paper about bush's aid to 5 african countries to battle the aids epidemic. i do not know all of the details, but based on the article in the strib, we are focusing on drugs to help those who are already battling aids coupled with teaching abstinence. i'm sorry - but what a MORONIC plan! why are we only teaching abstinence? why not safe sex? what about the consequences and effects of sex? what about contraceptives? how about educating these people - young and old - about all of these things (including abstinence)? give them all the information, all of their choices...then, let them make an educated decision.
as told in the strib, abstinence and fidelity appear to be the key factors in this anti-aids campaign. i am not judging or placing any stereotypes on these countries, but perhaps they are not a society that practices fidelity (like the people of jamaica openly admit). whether or not the african people practice fidelity, the american people cannot presume to change the societies sexual habits. africa, america, britain, portugual, wherever, people are going to have sex....give them the education to do so safely. just because it is the belief of some that sex is only for those who are married. just because some believe that contraceptions are equal to abortions and are morally wrong. just because some believe something - doesn't mean all believe, and does not make it right. in fact, pushing beliefs onto someone else is so, so very wrong. educating people with all of the facts and options, in order for them to form their own educated opinions and decisions, that is what is right. that is what we SHOULD be practicing.

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