February 27, 2008

one fine day

this is it, the BIG day. my golden birthday. i'm 27 years old.
i've been trying to think about what to write...and so many different, incomplete ideas came to mind.
first off, it's only 10 am, and i think a majority of the people i know have wished me a happy birthday. that overwhelms me. i feel so loved and special today! thanks everyone!
secondly, i have also heard some amazing and wonderful sentiments this morning. about how valued of a friend i am, which is always great to hear. means i'm doing something right in this life.
i couldn't narrow down just one thought from the plethora that have come to mind. so, you're going to get a montage of things.
  • i was born 27 years ago, the night that JR was shot on Dallas. something my Mom reminded me of, several times.
  • i'm 5.5 and 7.5 years younger than my two siblings. my mom wanted a third child, my dad agreed, if he got a pickup truck (he tells me he got the best of both deals).
  • my sister claims to have named me at the hospital: angela ann
  • my mom doesn't remember it that way. i was originally going to be named margaret, after my two grandmas, but politics kept this from happening (my one grandma is margaret, the other is margery, my parents didn't want it to look like they were picking a favorite).
  • my sister used to play house with me. i was the living doll. my mom put the kabash on that when she couldn't keep up with the laundry, from my sister changing my clothes all the time.
  • all my life i've been intrigued by the idea of the golden birthday. i never NEVER thought this day would come.
  • my parents called me at work and sang happy birthday on the phone this morning. my dad claims they had me when they were 12, making them only 39 now. (really, they were 30)
  • i never really thought about where i would be by what age in life, but i'm really proud of where i am, where i've been, and where i am heading. i feel like i have accomplished a very great number of things so far in life.
  • my most memorable birthday gift was when i turned 7. my family gave me a puppy - Ozcar Blackie Smith (my last name). (hey, i was 7, i thought it was a great name!) he was a black cockapoo that i loved very much (and cried very much when we had to get rid of him)
  • the icing on the cake of my life would be a great love. a husband & family is about the only aspiration i have not yet achieved in my young life.
  • being the youngest, by 5.5 years gave me a great deal of lee-way with my parents. i went sledding by myself at age 2 (and ended up almost under a parked semi-truck). i went tubing alone at age 5, swallowing half the lake. i have been on more vacations with my parents, got a better car when i turned 16, and had more relaxed rules. (i think my siblings are finally over these things).
  • being the youngest also made me the butt of too many jokes (but, I'm a good sport). and sometimes, my family forgets that i'm grown-up. in their eyes, i'll always be the baby, and that's fine with me...it's my role in our family.
  • most importantly, i have great family and friends who love me...and i love them.


Tim said...

Well you can't have a birthday post go un-commented. So...happy golden birthday again. :)

Ben said...

Right... even if it's a day late...

Happy Birthday!

doahleigh said...

I love the golden birthday thing too. Mine was when I was eight so it came and went fast, but I remember even then I thought it was special.

Sorry I'm a day late, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I just turned 27 in December, but I can say it's a pretty good age so far.