February 26, 2008

last call

someone recently told me that i will be old soon. he wasn't being metaphorical, telling me to enjoy my youth. he was saying that when i turn 27 i will be old (ironically, he is almost exactly 1 year younger than me...and when he turns 27 next year, he will not be old). according to his theory: today is my last day to be young. well, then i guess i'll have to do so in style! so here i am at work. uh, that's not the big 26 send-off i was hoping for. hmmm. at least my lovely co-workers brought in bagels this morning. thanks guys!

but i do have some things i would like to do in my 27th year. (in no particular order)
run a race, at least 5k
play more golf...improve my golf game
travel to NYC
become an aunt again
face a fear
try something new
cook more
be the friend everyone wants to have
excel at work
help a stranger
be more patient
avoid stress
get massages
be more generous

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