February 19, 2008

snack attack

or, was that zack attack? remember the episode of saved by the bell when the group becomes a very popular band & the fame goes to zack's head? yep, no idea why i just thought about that..none!
i didn't have anything to write about, i just kinda started writing. snack attack is the title, because i'm always hungry. particularly hungry at work, not so much at home. odd.
i guess i can list some odd things about myself.
  • i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first cut into the fresh peanut butter jar. I don't know why, but I LOVE IT!
  • i spilled orange juice on the carpet at my parents new house for the second time in like 2 weeks (the house was only about 3 months old) and i told my dad i'd move out if he wanted me to (luckily, he didn't) - oh, i was about 23 when that happened
  • in college, i fell off my bike trying to jump the curb, guess i'm not strong enough to pull my bike up
  • i used to always trip going UP the stairs.
  • my brother gave me the unfortunate nick-name of "melon" when i was in grade school...it stuck through college until i finally told him how much i hated it.
  • i've been given the nick-name Martha from some college friends - because i'm clean & love to cook
  • i'm addicted to tv. i can remember crap that happened on sit-coms, but not what i read in the newspaper at lunch today
  • in college i became a pseudo-vegetarian (a real thing, according to betty crocker). i ate mostly noodles and rice for 4.5 years...oh, still do.
  • most of the time, i need background noise from the tv or radio to concentrate
  • i'm a slow runner, but a good athlete. during a softball game, my dad once said to me: i don't care if you are going to carry that piano on your back, but make the guy playing it get off.
  • i keep my arms straight & hands pointed out, like a little airplane, when i run the bases
  • most of the time, i stop eating because i'm bored...not because i'm full
  • i rarely drink anything with my meals
  • i think i have the worlds shortest legs (in proportion to the rest of my body)...mostly because i have a long torso.
  • i can sing the entire song from the 1980's kit kat commercial
  • i loathe baby corn. it's just so unnatural to me.
It's not a dramatic finish, but that's all I can think of for now. Perhaps I will add more later, if I can think of anything else.


willikat said...

dude... i also loathe baby corn!!! i have no reason why. i feel like you shouldn't eat the cob-part, i guess.

Stacy said...

The only good thing that has come from Baby Corn is the scene from Big! Ahahaha!..what a great movie!