February 21, 2008

um, well, yeah, i guess.

it's thursday people! i'm excited for friday & the weekend. it's been a very busy week - something going on every night, and that's not ending for a few more days.
so far this week:
got my taxes done
made dinner & yummy cupcakes
went to a 2-year-olds bday party
ate 3 cupcakes, chocolate cake, 6 cc cookies, and a king size snickers bar (wow, i'm the model of healthy eating)
happy houred with lots of friends, to send a friend off in style (sweden: be nice to my friends, they are only on loan)
had a head/neck/shoulder ache for 4 days - yep, awesomeness! (sorry, i feel like i've been complaining about this all week, i can't seem to stop)
laid on a heating pad for about 6 hours
biked 5.5 miles in 20 minutes

yet this week i will:
buy wedding invitation paper (for a friend, silly people, i'm making the invitations - not getting married)
work : (
watch hockey and fraternize with a boy
play with my 1.5 year old nephew, who loves to say "WHATTT"
get my hair cut
venture to uptown with a college friend
hopefully get rid of this shoulders & up ache

i'm boring - i don't have anything else exciting to write about. sorry, my brain is not functioning much at the moment. happy thursday, though.


willikat said...

i think that's a lot of stuff and not boring.

Stacy said...

You totally should fit a massage into your busy schedule!!! Have fun at the hockey game! And give the J-Meister a huge hug for me :)

doahleigh said...

You're text makes me feel old. I can't see it.

Also, laying on a heating pad for 6 hours? Yum.