March 31, 2008

all done

last week was dog sitting - the very ill-behaved barking machine. she didn't listen to me, she peed on the carpet and barked her tiny little head off. as much as i love pets, particularly dogs, i was pretty happy to see her go on saturday night.
last week wasn't exactly the greatest. i suffered from a sinus infection, which the nurse at minute clinic informed me was due to allergies. fun, now i have spring and fall allergies. i'm feeling much better, although still struggling with a scratchy throat which disrupts my ability to speak every now and then. but mostly i'm feeling good again, yay!
best part of the week: i did get to the batting cages on thursday night. it was a fun outing, followed by caribou. although, i see that my hitting needs some work, I still had a really great time. (note to self to hit-up the cages again). friday night, i met up with S for dinner and a movie. we saw vantage point - which was good, although started a bit slowly. we met up with E afterwards for a beer.
saturday i hung out with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. we watched the gophers lose to BC. although it was a pretty good game, the gophers just couldn't capitalize and BC did. I enjoyed the time with the fam. nephew now knows my name and says it over and over. it's pretty cute. it sounds kinda like on-chee. but he gets it. when i saw him yesterday, he yelled across the street "hi on-chee." so adorable. when he's in a good mood, he's a super kid (bad mood = lots of screaming & limp body).
i am not excited about the continuous snow-globe that's happening outside today. i know it wont last long, and that the end of the week promises spring-like weather. but i'm sooo done with winter.

i have to thank my gal-pals who stood up for me on saturday (you two know who you are)! although as the events were explained to me, i found your tactics pretty comical, but am glad you're both on my side. thank goodness for girlfriends!
hope this week is a good one!
— on-chee

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Stacy said...

Yay for the batting cages...and Yay for different Vantage points! ;)