April 2, 2008

silver linings

do you ever lay in bed and smile to yourself?
think about some accomplishment or thing that is going really well.
realize the goodness.
absorb the rightness.
revel in the success of something, anything, that is good, purely good.
it doesn't even have to be anything specific, it can be life in general, or some sense of accomplishment.

the night you come home from work, with a laundry list longer than your arm of to-do's, and you're finished in no time. the day before vacation, that actually goes by quickly. any day that goes faster than normal. figuring out what that annoying squeak is every time the washing machine is running or why the garage door wont close. they may not be major victories, they may not impact anyone else's life but my own, but those are the sweetest tasting and most humbling victories. the little things that make me smile to myself.

the other day, i was suffering from cabin fever. it was snowing AGAIN and i was just plain sick of it all. i ran through my head all of the small, seemingly meaningless accomplishments and goodnesses that reside in my life. i fell asleep, still counting my list. i woke up with a new perspective, and a lightened attitude. life may not always hand us the cards we want, but as my sweden-residing friend said this morning:
"Who am I to argue with a bit of fate? I've always loved choose your own adventure novels....so it seems to me I must have made a few good decisions along the way."

we all find bumps in the road, some of them seem like jagged Mt. Everest, but things always seem to turn themselves about, oozing goodness. Some of the hardest decisions, and lowest points in my life have led me to amazing places, and brought me to amazing friends. When adversity looks you in the face, stare it down and prosper in spite of it.

* i read a bit of sad news on better now this morning. i do not know the person and family affected by the sad tale, but hold them in my thoughts and wish them well in their recovery. sometimes, good thoughts really do help.

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willikat said...

i cried when i went and read that woman's blog. so sad. put my problems in perspective pretty fast.