March 25, 2008

drawing a line

when doing favors for family or friends, when is it asking too much?
i'm dog-sitting for a family member. the dog is cute and tiny, barks a lot (in her crazy high-pitched yippee voice), and when she's nervous she pees on the floor. dog's family knows about these traits. and i had the option of watching her at their house, which would have been a longer commute for me, plus moving all my stuff to their house for the week. that seemed like too much work to me. now i'm starting to regret my choice to dog-sit at all.
yesterday, i was shot-gun awake by the shrieking bark dog let out when C got up to shower. that got my heart pumping. i have cleaned pee off the couch twice now (the couch is covered in towels now to prevent this). 4 times i have cleaned pee off the carpet. i have tried, countless times, to calm the growling and barking that comes with each noise the house makes, which is very often, since i live in a town-house and can hear the neighbors garage doors. i'm beginning to lose my patience with this dog. i love her and she's cute, but she's not very well behaved. this morning she stole kleenex out of the garbage can and shredded it all over the bathroom and my bedroom floor. Naughty, dog!
my dad says he wouldn't watch her, it's too much to ask. i argued: how do i not watch her? my mom agreed, she's a sucker like me - always trying to help the other guy out, even if it isn't great for me. my dad held his ground in disagreement, saying it was too much to ask of someone. one things for sure, i'm cured of wanting a dog anytime in the near future. granted, i'll be rewarded for my efforts, but i'm seriously frustrated already with 5 days left to go.
when asking a favor...what is too much?


Tim said...

I think it becomes too much when unwanted pee makes an appearance, but that's just me. :)

I've never truly liked dogs and cats for just this reason. Even with well trained animals, you never know what shenanigans they'll get into while you're away. Kinda like kids (minus the leaving them home alone part) except they eventually grow up and stop peeing on the floor.

miramarie said...

Peeing all over the place is way too much! They could've sent doggie diapers, at least... Either way, my dear, I think I'd draw the line if/when there is a next time.

willikat said...

all dogs will rip apart paper products, given the chance. we have to shut our bathroom door at night and keep the other trash tightly away. the pee, though, that's a problem. are they aware that their dog has a problem with that? i'm guessing the dog is high anxiety and this is out of the norm, so he's freaking out. but i think if all this feels like too much to you, then it is, and you s hould politely decline next time.