March 6, 2008


i have cabin fever!
i can't wait for spring. skirts. short-sleeves. softball. summer smells. warm breezes.
work has been slow all week.
my hand is kinda sore today.
i'm tired. i'm bored.
mostly, i think i've just been spending too much time alone. gobbley-gook.
but i signed up for a 5k race today. it's april 19th, let the training begin (come sunday, that is)
the softball season starts in 1 month!
my trip to NYC is booked.
watching college hockey tomorrow night.
and it's almost friday.
some good things to look forward to.


Stacy said...

oo-la-la Life's-a-lookin up!

doahleigh said...

When are you going to NYC? I'm going next month!