March 7, 2008

quick post

public declaration: running a 5k in about a month
public declaration: going to start training come sunday
public declaration: i'm sure i already told you guys both of the above
public declaration: will keep better track of my posts

side notes:
i love chocolate souffles. yum!
i love when little kids say my ever: my nephew learning to say Ann-Chee

ever wonder what people really think of you? what strangers say when you pass by them, do they even notice? i've been thinking about this lately. what is it people don't say to my face? good or bad, there has to be some of both (hopefully some good stuff, not just bad). am i annoying, too loud, probing, indifferent, too sappy, aloof, mean? is there anything about me that people like, but just don't ever say? am i generally looked upon with good, bad, or indifferent opinions. do the opinions vary between friends vs strangers? am i one of those people that's more or less likeable the better you get to know me? of course i hope i make good impressions all around, and that have much more likeable qualities than unlikeable ones. but i do wonder. hmmm. i do wonder.

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