April 23, 2008

read so good

last night i stayed up late to finish a book i'd been reading. i bought the book on a guilty-pleasures whim. "size 14 is not fat, either" by meg cabot wasn't exactly the guilty pleasure i was hoping for. i was looking for an easy, non-thinking read, which i guess this book was, for the most part. it just didn't suck me in to the storyline, i didn't feel much (besides tepid feelings) for the characters. i was mostly indifferent to what happened. the only reason i stayed up late to finish it was because i was so near the end. i vaguely wanted to know what happened and, mostly, i just wanted to finish so i could move onto one of my other books. the ending to the book was a bit of a let-down, although, my expectations weren't very high by that point. the book set itself up for a sequel (which this book also was, as i learned mid-way through) that i have NO intentions of reading. the biggest disappointment of the novel, was the very poor editing! i couldn't believe it. i found several instances of misspelled words. stuff that spell-checker doesn't pick up on, like "thing" instead of "think."it was really distracting to notice so many grammatical errors. trust me, i'm no grammatical or editorial genius either (my blog proves that!). if i noticed that many errors in the book, i can't imagine how many errors would be found by someone who knows a thing or two about writing. what a disappointment.
i'm really hoping my other two new books are much better. i have "zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" and "kitchen confidential" ...i can't decide which one to read first!

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