April 21, 2008


i ran my third 5k (of my life) on saturday. it was my first 3 mile run in over a year. it was good and bad. the bad part occurred as i worked through the second mile. it was hard work, mostly because i developed a side stitch that crippled my running abilities, if only for a short time. it was such a tight muscle cramp, i couldn't extend my right leg backwards. this forced me to walk about half of the second mile.
going into the race, i was pretty nervous. the furthest i had run (in a long time) was about 2.5 miles. on top of that, i've been struggling heavily with side stitches right around the 1-mile mark on a majority of my runs. although, for a girl who usually stays between the 11-12 minute mile mark, i'm very proud of myself for finishing the 5k in 34:00, just under 11 minute miles (factor in the half mile i walked, and i was making some good time). i was pretty disappointed that i wasn't able to "run" the entire race, but still happy with my accomplishment. i'm going to keep working at it, and hopefully do better in a race later this year.
i know that running a 5k for some people isn't difficult. actually, i've even had people laugh at me for training for the 5k (jerks). but, running has never been that easy for me, even when i was in my best physical shape. i'm hoping with continued practice, it'll get better.


willikat said...

hooray! i'd say that's a damn good time.

Stacy said...

You Go Girl!! I WISH I had the motivation to even THINK about running a 5k!!

doahleigh said...

Well damn, now I'm impressed. I couldn't run to save my life. Literally. If a murderer was chasing me, I'd try to run and sprain an ankle. Or I'd run out of breath and have to try to fight him. Which would not go well either.

I should become a runner. Or a fighter.