May 22, 2008

2 am

the phone rang at 2 am august 8, 2007. although deep in sleep, i was excited to answer. i had been expecting a call. "Hello?" "Hi." it took me a second to adjust to my sister's voice, i had been expecting my dad.
"Hi. i wasn't expecting you."
"yeah, mom and dad said you wanted a call."
"i do! so???"
"you have a nephew!"
"Yay!" i was so excited! i really didn't care if it was a boy or girl, but i was really excited the newest addition to our family was here, although 5 weeks early. "how are you doing? how's the baby?"
"we're good, tired. he's good."
"tell me about him."
"jackson ryan was born at about 1:00 this morning. he weighs 5 pounds 12.5 ounces, 18.5 inches long."
"Wow! Congratulations!"
I was very excited, but sleep still crept into my voice. I could hear the exhaustion in my sister's voice as well. It had been a long day. I told her I'd be by later, uh, today to see them and thanked her for calling.
the end of the work day couldn't come fast enough. i really wanted to congratulate my sister and brother-in-law in person, and of course, meet this new little guy.
he was tiny. wrapped snuggly in 2 blankets, he still felt so small. he was sweet, always sleeping. he didn't like bright lights. he hated to be cold, and screamed his little head off getting his diaper changed. just like my sister, he liked to be cozy and snuggled in. being a mom suited her, she was glowing (despite her great tiredness). my brother-in-law seemed to be adjusting to father-hood nicely, as well.
my parents had recently decided they wanted to be called nana and papa. for the first time that i can remember, i saw my dad, holding a tiny newborn baby. his usually strong confidence was lessened some by this tiny being. the pride, love and awe showed on both my parent's faces.
holding my nephew for the first time was completely overwhelming. amazing.
that was over 21 months ago. a great amount has happened since that first meeting. he now walks and talks and has his own personality. when he was still immobile, papa would spend an afternoon teaching him all the swear words and proper uses for them. the rest of us would make funny faces, trying to get him to smile or stick his tongue our or acknowledge us in some way. as a small baby, jack learned to love ceiling fans. if he was crying, just point out the ceiling fan. he'c calm down and just stare at the blades, they didn't even have to be moving. he learned to roll over, then to sit up, scoot across the floor, walk and run. he began to talk, constantly asking "what's that?" sometimes not listening to the response. Now when he's upset, it's his love for music that calms him down. A simple singing of the ABC's or Twinkle-Twinkle quiets him pretty easily.
so much has happened in the past 21 months. Jack now seeks Papa out, whenever he can. He asks "Anchee, help?" He laughs, calls things by their proper name. He talks on the phone with Nana, Papa, and Unlce Matt. He's an adventurous eater, loving olives and fruit even salsa. He knows how to properly hold a hockey stick (have to in this family) and will contently watch hockey on tv. He's a man's boy, always on the move and very well behaved.

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Miz said...

Words can hardly describe how amazing being an Auntie is...He's a lucky kid!!