May 21, 2008

killin' time

it's a gorgeous wednesday, as i sit at my desk attempting to work. so far i've been productive for 5.5 of the 6 working hours i've put in. i yearn to go outside, but fear i wont come back in to finish the work day. instead, i'm mental-breaking on the internets. there is no email in my inbox, and nothing strikes my fancy on (my usual news information source). so, here i sit, writing in my blog.
i'm really looking forward to the 3 day weekend. the fam is heading to the cabin. so it'll be mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and brother (in from Chicago) laughing, golfing and more than likely shopping together. my aunt & uncle have a cabin right across the street, so we'll get to spend time with them and my two younger cousins (who my family is very close with) too. grandma as well. memorial weekend is one of my favorite summer weekends. we always go to the cabin, where there is an annual taco dinner and much drinking. it's certain to bring lots of laughter, always does. after dinner, the boys (who are usually drunk by then) go out to play a few more holes, while us girls chat and catch up on things.
memorial weekend is usually my first golf outing of the season. although, i did get out last sunday. my first round is usually one of my best. over the winter i forget my bad habits and just go out to hit the ball around, without much in the way of expectations. sunday was a pretty good first round. i'm trying to play more this summer than i have in the past. some of my motivation for this is golfing with clients. eek! last fall i went golfing with my boss and two clients we work with a guy & girl (who was about my age). i think the even-matched male to female ratio helped take some of the pressure off me. two weeks from friday, though, i'll be put to the test. our client wants to golf with my boss and i again (and the girls is on maternity leave). although plans aren't set in stone yet, i think it'll be me and the two boys (with a possible third boy, the client's son). i've never been one to be intimidated by boys, and have proven well in my athletic abilities. it's a little unnerving to be the only girl playing with above average man-golfers. i'll keep you guys posted on how my golf game is coming (in the next 2 weeks) and how things pan out. (just in case, keep your fingers crossed that i don't whiff and that i play decently.)

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doahleigh said...

Instead of reading that like "oh I'm just killin' time" I read it like you would "quittin' time." Like hey, t's quittin' time!

It's killin' time!