May 28, 2008

brush strokes

i've been thinking, planning, deciding, wavering, and contemplating redecorating the bathroom for, oh, months now. i wanted to add my own personal style and do something that was a bit more "angie." when i moved into my house, nearly two years ago, the family room was painted a nice (bluish)-sage green color, not a color i would have picked on my own, but it happens to coordinate very well with my furniture. the dining room and kitchen are actually a light grey color. you don't really notice it, it just seems not-white. the bathroom was a slightly different green than the family room. it was time for a change. in my usual way, i wanted to do something different, something that was all my own. i kept my eyes open for any new ideas that might spark inspiration in me. as i looked at paint books, colors, pictures, wall hangings nothing really seemed right. i finally had the idea to use fabric as a wall hanging, instead of a painting or picture (my walls already hold many framed pictures). inspiration was born. i know it seems silly to think about needing inspiration to redecorate a bathroom, but it was harder than i originally thought. it had to coordinate with the entire downstairs (because it can be seen from most everywhere). my kitchen employs dark blue, some red, and creamy yellow colors. the dining room has some brown added to the other colors, plus the green in the family room. everything has to coordinate and flow, but also i wanted the bathroom to be its own room, independent. after much searching and debating over different fabric colors, types, mom and i found something that would work beautifully. i bought all of my supplies and began my new project. last night, i finally cracked open the paint can, and began putting color on the walls. thank goodness my dad was willing to help me. i think i'd have made a huge mess and only gotten about half as much done had i been by myself. not only was i greatful for his experience and hard work, i was happy for the company as well. so far the bathroom re-decorating project is under $50, but there is more to buy and do. i'll keep you posted on my progress (cause i know you're all sitting at the edge of your seats).


Karoli said...

So jealous you are redoing your bathroom. I have been dreaming of redoing mine since I moved in. Unfortunately mine will take a lot more than paint and some wall decorations. Any ideas on coodinating with a bright pink tub?

willikat said...

oooh i can't wait to see!