May 29, 2008


what goes around come around, right?
i do believe that bad people get theirs in the end. i do believe that things will come back to bite you in the ass. i do believe that goodness is rewarded. we often don't see the results or outcome of karma, but i still believe.
the golden rule of treating others how i want to be treated was instilled by my parents from the time i was a small child. i was taught to apologize, even if the negative outcome wasn't intentional. i was taught to be kind and respectful, to help when i could, to do my best, to give the benefit of the doubt, and to always do what is right. i believe i embody these characteristics to the best of my abilities. some days i'm more kind and considerate than other days, but i still do my best at these very important things every day. i've learned that sometimes being the nice girl comes with a disadvantage. i've had friends abuse my kindness, take advantage of my sincerity and stomp all over my willingness to help out. over the years, my skin has grown thicker. i've learned to be kind and helpful, without being abused. it's the people who do not live by these ideals that perplex me. the people who are out for themselves, disregarding those around them and/or the consequences. it's the person who bumps into you at the store, and only scowls as they pass you. the lady who cuts in line, because she didn't realize there was one, but doesn't go to the end. a "friend" who scolds you for not doing something, when they themselves don't do it. it's the people who live with a sense of entitlement. these are the people that really concern me. i find their behavior selfish and conceded.
it's the genuinely sincere people, who thank you for the small things. it's the people who aknowledge your efforts, and return favors. these are the good people of this earth. they are the ones that should be rewarded. those people make amazing friends and fantastic family.
thank you, good people of the world.

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