May 12, 2008

busy girl

woah! over the weekend I:
shopped, hung out with friends, met my cousin's new bf, had lunch with my grandma, took a nap, worked, cleaned my room, watched tv, attended a rockin' bachelorette party, drank das boot, finished das boot, danced, socialized, drank a long island, went to breakfast with my mom, cleaned out a bunch of stuff, shopped for decorating stuff with my mom, had dinner with my grandma and watched tv. phew! it was a busy one!

the bachelorette party was filled with great laughs, wonderful friends, yummy food and an all-around good time. i caught up with a long-ago friend, which was really nice. we danced, and made our way on stage. we drank like fish...and luckily i recovered pretty easily on sunday morning. i last-minute met my parents for breakfast. i was happy to do so. being that my mom's birthday fell smack-dab on mother's day this year, i had wanted to do something special for her. i thought about bringing breakfast over in the morning, but was weary of my sunday morning state post-bachelorette party. instead i called her (before she left for church) and sang her my own rendition of happy birthday, happy mother's day. she wanted to know if i had been practicing that for long, but i was happy to say i came up with it right on the spot. after church she called to see if i wanted to meet them for breakfast. i frantically ran through the shower and threw on some clothes, so i could spend a little extra time with my mom that day. as we were leaving, my dad bought her $5 worth of pull tabs (feeding her love for gambling) and what luck! she pulled a $150 winner. it really made her morning! later in the afternoon, my mom and i ran to joann fabrics, in search of some decore for my bathroom make over. we laughed and had a good time, just being mother and daughter. shopping with my mom, even for everyday things are some of my most favorite times.
i have read some lovely posts about mom's today...and they brought tears to my eyes. really, my mom is amazing. i aspire to be even half as great as she is, and i love her dearly. i know i wouldn't be nearly as successful or half the woman i am without her.

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willikat said...

wooo hooooo rockin bachelorette party!!!!