May 8, 2008

jumping beans

sometimes i get into these wacky, off-the-wall kind of moods. when i was younger, my mom would tell me that i was over-tired. i don't know, i think sometimes i'm just really strange.
at last night's softball game, i announced to our team that we were batting first.
their reaction: blank stares and frowney faces.
in an attempt to pep them up, i shouted "WOOO HOOO!" and began clapping.
this was met with concerned faces that i had actually gone crazy.
i felt that i had to explain myself, that i was trying to rile them up, after seeing all the grumpy faces in reaction to us being visitors.
i got no laughter, which is what i was really aiming for.
i get kinda clowney, and comical at times...this is usually when the majority of my jokes bomb. i know, sad day. sometimes, i have a little bit of, pocket-sized funny. which, is actually kinda convenient. i can take it with me and whip it out as necessary (yes, i just said "whip it out"). today is one of those wacky off-mood kinda days. it's like i'm hopped up on caffeine, or sleep deprived or something...but really, i'm neither.
oh well...have a superfantastic day all!

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doahleigh said...

That sounds so much like me! Sometimes I just get wacky and people don't get it. Whatever, we need to hang out and be wacky together.