June 24, 2008


hello friends and blog-world. sorry i've been MIA for a week. it's been a super-really-crazy busy last several days. i was in NYC for a long weekend, returning very late sunday night (well, actually really early monday morning). i've been playing catch-up since. more to come on my amazing travel adventures. i had such a great time, i want to tell you guys all about it! (and i'll probably bore you all with the insane amount i want to say, but i'll enjoy looking back on my trip and reliving all the great things i did.) hope the week has been good to you, kids. it's been very good, albeit exhausting, to me. more to come when i have time. unfortunately, that may not be for a few more days. this week i have: softball, dinner, a wedding shower, bachelorette party, white trash birfday party (which i'm sure will be a story in itself), work, a wedding, and a little kids birthday party. what fun! however, this crazy schedule will more than likely keep me occupied too much to properly post. i'll try to do it as soon as i can. (thought i'd let you guys know i'm still alive and kickin' over here.)
in the mean time...do any of you have travel plans or great travel stories to share? i'd love to hear them...and i could use nice, short mental breaks during my very busy work days.
happy day, kids. talk to you soon.


doahleigh said...

Was NYC on work or pleasure? Can't wait to hear about the fun that was had!

Miranda and/or Scott said...

Welcome back! So glad to hear the trip went well. Scott and I experienced our first traditional Swedish Midsommar celebration over the weekend. We ate pickled herring, drank schnapps, sang songs in Swedish and even danced in circles around the Midsommar pole with people from the neighborhood. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the longest day of the year!