June 16, 2008

Congrats, Friends

i know many of my readers also read willikat's blog, for those of you who don't, please check it out. she's a great writer, with funny and hear-felt stories.

I just wanted to congratulate the couple who make-up willikat! they are two good friends of mine, i've known kat since 7th grade, when we were in our awkward stage, faltering, trying, adjusting, finding our ways in life. i've known will since freshman year (high school)...and when we were 16 we traded cars for about a half hour - i got to drive his sweet camero, and i don't want to know where he took my lil' ol' ford tempo. they are a couple who is truly in love, stars-in-their-eyes, rosey-cheeked, fluttery love. 3 weeks ago, tomorrow, the couple was wed on a beach in maui. unfortunately, i wasn't able to attend, but all recounts tell of a lovely, fairytale day. i'm so glad my two friends had their matrimonial dreams come true.

the outdoor reception was spectacular. ginormous tissue paper flowers adorned the house, tent, trees... tiki torches, twinkle lights, AMAZING food, fantastic friends, and all-around a good time. so, i raise my proverbial glass to will & kat and wish them happily ever after.


doahleigh said...

Here here! To the beautiful couple. :)

willikat said...

hey!!!! that is beyond sweet. my internet isn't working at home so i'm just doing a quick check at my parents' house and happened upon this very sweet entry! thanks so much, babe. it made my heart way way bigger. love you!