June 30, 2008

the truth speaks

after surviving a roller coaster night, i move forth seeing more clearly.
an amazing person from my past and i were re-united over the weekend. he's nearly 88 years old, he's seen and done many lifetimes worth of things. he's adored and revered by everyone who knows him. he tells it like it is, good and bad. he's extremely honest, but good hearted. he's an encourager. this man reminded me of how valuable i am in eyes of others. for 20+ minutes he talked of what a class act i was, how lucky he is to have known me, how honored he feels. he couldn't tear himself away from saying amazingly warm, encouraging, and loving things to me. i got many, many hugs and well-wishes. and, upon my request...he sought me out for a dance later in the night. for several years, this man served as a grandfather in my life, he meant a lot to me. his opinion weighs heavily in my book. i can't accurately describe this man to you.

but, to hear such things from a person so respected and adored throughout the state of MN is a great treat. i walk away feeling honored. recently, i've had many friends also show me how highly they think of me. they may not even realize it, but their involvement and efforts in a certain area of my life is greatly appreciated. their actions and discussions (jane has told me of a few even when i wasn't present) give me big, warm fuzzies. specifically, i'd like to say thanks to jane, c, m, & a for thinking of me! (and keep up the good work : ) i have many friends who are imeasureably important to me. i'm a very lucky person to have the friends and family that i do.

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