July 2, 2008

random randomness

random thought 1: summer has finally hit the midwest! wooo hooo! finally, days of skirts and tank tops are upon us. i really do enjoy the seasons that mn offers, as long as we actually get 4 true seasons. i hate when spring/summer/fall meld together in a mid-temperature-range haze. i need the 90 degree days and the 60 degree days that come with those three seasons. in mn you never know if the 90 degree days will hit in late fall or early spring, or actually during summer...or all three. we certainly endure vast temperature changes here. it was in the upper 80's yesterday and i was so happy. unlike many of my midwest friends, i like the hot...and i like the cold. many people live here for that perfect indian summer day, when it's 70 in october. as long as it doesn't rain too many days in a row or the windchill isn't stuck at freeze-your-face off, i'm pretty happy with the weather here.

random thought 2: i think its funny how some of the people that know me the best don't know about my pseudo vegetrarianism. some people think my anti-meat eating plan is some social stance or moral issue. no, it's really not. it's more of a health issue than anything. i'm pretty open about being a pseudo-veg, but most people don't know why. (i realize you guys might not REALLY care, but too bad.) since college i've developed an intolerance to animal protein. sounds strange, right? i know. Basically, it's like lactose intolerance, only with meat. i can handle small quantities, but not too much at one time or too many days in a row or i suffer severe stomach pains (hence the pseudo-veg, but still eating meat). for the most part, it's totally fine with me. i rather enjoy my vegetarian diet. what sucks though is that i love steak, meat balls, and ribs...and sometimes eating veg is just difficult.

random thought 3: last night i made a very delicious pizza. basically whatever was in my fridge, went on the 'za. since i haven't hardly been home all summer, the fridge was slim pickins'. i put alfredo sauce with chives and pepper, topped it with canned tomatoes, green olives, parmesean and mozzerella cheese. YUM! i really love to cook, but it's difficult and mostly not worth the effort to cook for one person, plus i am rarely home to actually cook anymore.

random thought 4: it's a 3-day weekend! there will be independence day celebrations, golf, a cook out over the fire, swimming, and good times with the fam. i'm really looking forward to some relaxin' and playin' time. plus, i need to work on my new golf grip that my dad taught me. hopefully it works as well for me as it did, oh, a month ago when i first (and last) used it.

random thought 5: i know i haven't finished my NYC recap yet. i will. i also know my posts have been lacking entertainment value lately, sorry...i'll do better (starting tomorrow...or something). thanks for tuning in, though : )

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I live in Michigan, and I absolutely love the four seasons. I'm one of the few people who like waking up never knowing how the weather is going to be. Or waking up to a nice eighty degree weather only to find I have to wear a sweatshirt due to the cooling effects of a nice thunderstorms. Sometimes I think I would enjoy moving further south where I wouldn't have the crazy winters, but I know I would miss them all the same. :)