July 22, 2008

10 Things Today

  1. Dark Knight was the best movie I saw over the weekend. (Ok, it was the only movie I saw over the weekend, but it was a very good, intense, and satisfying flick.)
  2. Laughter and good friends are very good for the soul.
  3. Running an extra half mile can feel like a great accomplishment.
  4. I finished re-decorating my bathroom, and I'm very, very pleased with the results.
  5. Even working on something fun, can still feel like work.
  6. Smiling at someone can make a very big difference in their day...in my day.
  7. We all need to believe in something, in life, in love, in friendship.
  8. Life is hard and everyone faces trials. That's why we have friends and family to help us through.
  9. I believe that doing good is rewarded in multitude.
  10. Laughing out loud, even when you're by yourself, makes things even funnier.

1 comment:

doahleigh said...

I love when something is so funny it makes me laugh out loud even when I'm alone!