July 3, 2008

bar patrons

every wednesday before and after our softball games, my friends and i meet up at the bar. we know most of the bartenders and the owner (yes, i'm a regular at a bar). it's always a good, relaxed, fun time. yesterday i found a stool between our DH and a construction worker (working on the 35W bridge). apparently i looked like a friendly face, because the construction worker (about 55-ish) began to tell me the recent trials of his marriage. this man poured his heart out to me, about his wife's afair, the in-progress divorce, 27 years of marriage...all of it. i felt really bad for this guy, i really did. but, i also felt rather uncomfortable hearing about his life. i was cornered into talking with this man, my friends offering no escape. i politely listened, nodding my head and agreeing where appropriate. when the man paused, i turned to my friend prompting conversation with him instead, i invariably got sucked back into talking with the construction man. once more of the team showed up, i was divided from the man, but when he left he patted my shoulder and bid me a good evening. our friendly bartender gave a little giggle at me and mentioned he's heard the same story 3 times. ya feel bad for the lonely old man, who is obviously hurting inside...i hope lending my ear (although reluctantly) was a tiny bit consoling to him. really, though, i don't think it's ever a great idea to bear your heart to a complete stranger...it's a bit uncomfortable and awkward. (although my friend thought it was pretty funny.)

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Stacy said...

I agree, his story was sad..but you got a funny story from the situation as a whole! Yay for being a regular at the CB :)