August 21, 2008


fall league softball is proving to be quite a bit different than spring and summer has been in the past. we're playing in a different league, every week is double headers, we don't know the teams or the umps, it's strict, plus a new pre/post game bar. so far things are going pretty well.
week one, we held our own with a split series. even with many questions, some confusion on the rules, and figuring out a new batting order we managed to play some decent softball. this week, we played a pretty intense team...only 2 or 3 people on their team were all. mostly they show-boated and played cut-throat (we are so not used to that). the first inning proved to be fairly long, we had a few runs scored on us, but our spirits were still high. in the second inning, a fairly long foul fly ball was hit in my direction, i attempted to chase down the foul ball, not realizing the steep drop-off at the edge of the field.
wham! from sprint to dead stopped, i dropped square to both knees at the same time. i immediately began laughing at how ridiculous i must've looked. my teammates quelled their laughter long enough to ask if i was ok. the inning went on. we lost both games to the crazy-intense team, but we drank beer and laughed at ourselves. i think we have one of the best fun-loving softball teams around. after our double loss we scattered the field, joking and laughing while a few players took batting practice.
for the past two weeks, we've had an international player in town, M has contributed to our softball efforts, and it's been fabulous having her back in uniform, out on the field with us again. i'm going to miss seeing her smiling face (among other things) when she heads back to Sweden. glad she could make it home to visit, and squeeze a few softball games in while she was here, too. that's all this girl with the bruised knees has to say for now.

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Miz said...

You may have been stopped dead in your tracks...but you looked darn graceful in the process!!