August 18, 2008

say what?

Top 10 weekend events:
10. chicken wings made over the campfire (and I don't usually like eating things off the bone)
9. my dad dancing like a monkey to make my nephew laugh for pictures
8. homemade funny!
7. delicious homemade pretzels (made at 11 pm)
6. breakfast with friends
5. my brother being in town
4. a successful run
3. gorgeous weather and the time to enjoy it
2. fun party with a great turn-out
1. spending lots of time with friends & fam

i didn't really have anything to write about, you get a top 10 list. but, as an added bonus, i have an interesting thought...

if they can study different parts of the brain and compare how a man and woman's brains differ...why can't they determine when a hermaphrodite is born which sex it is more like? you hear about so many hermaphrodites that feel they should have been the opposite sex. perhaps this study could also somehow apply to people who want a sex change. maybe there is a huge pool of knowledge that we have yet to dive into? i'm not a scientist, so i really can't say...but isn't it interesting to think about???

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