August 6, 2008

sports talk

ok, I don't think there is a person with tv or internet access that doesn't know something is going on with brett favre and the green bay packers. even if you aren't a sports fan, you've heard about this news story.

i've never been a huge brett favre fan. he's a phenomenal quarterback, i can't argue against that. except that espn and other sports reporters revere him, more like a god than an athlete. there have been days when the pre-game show has been all-brett-all-the-time and it makes me sick. yes, he's really, really good...but he's still a man, and there are other really great players who deserve mention. ok, my favre opinion aside, i feel like it's time to address this whole coming out of retirement situation.

for you non-sportsers, here's a quick recap: last spring, brett favre decided to retire. this isn't his first attempt at retiring. he made a tearful speech, closing his professional football career. months later, rumors spread about him wanting to come out of retirement, but not play for the packers. he said he was staying retired (lie). he began talking with his friends, who happen to be on the mn vikings coaching staff. he has since asked for a reinstatement (granted) and began talks with the green bay packers management and coaching staff. now farve and the packers are at a stalemate. the packers plan to stand behind their decision to give aaron rodgers the starting quarterback position, and they don't want to trade favre within their division. favre is holding strong, not wanting to play for the packers, but instead wanting to play in their division so he can play them twice a season (um, so basically he wants them to bend over & take what he has to give)

first off, i want to comment on green bay fans: get a LIFE people! brett favre is not the end-all-be-all of quarterbacks. fans have staged sit-ins as well as made comments to the new QB during training camp. yesterday a 6 year old kid yelled at rodgers that he sucks and they want favre back, other fans (including adults) joined in. i can't even get into what this kids parents are/aren't/should be doing. what a crappy thing! c'mon people. this new guy sat on your side-lines, came in when needed, and sat quietly in the giant shadow of brett favre for 4 years, just waiting for his chance to prove himself to you cheese heads. now rodgers has that chance and THIS is how you receive him and his hard-work?!?! not to mention that this young qb has not retaliated or responded negatively to all this chatter about favre and mean comments hurled his way. i think rodgers is a class act, outshining favre and many of the packer fans.

secondly, i think brett favre needs to stop crying like a little baby. he's bad mouthing his employers, disrupting training camp, and whining. he's blaming the packers that he's not playing right now. i think it's pretty apparent that he's not too happy about not being able to be traded within the NFC North. on one hand he says he doesn't want to be a distraction to his former team & teammates during training camp. on the other hand, he's giving interviews with Y! and espn about how stalemate the talks have gotten.

would i be happy if brett favre got traded to the vikings? yes, i would, because a good quarterback could really bring our team together and make us strong contenders. will i still get annoyed at all the talk that surrounds him and any cry-baby crap he pulls? you bet i will! would i draft him for my fantasy football team? sure would, he puts points up. that doesn't change my opinion of his craptacular pre-madona attitude. guess what, brett-baby, you RETIRED. you made the choice to stop playing. now you've changed your mind and are trying to screw over your former team. A) class-act, buddy. B) you aren't a football god, not everyone is going to kiss you kiester when asked. C) when you make a decision, don't blame other people when you change your mind and don't get what you want. stop acting like a child, you're making a fool of yourself.

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Stacy said...

To play the devils advocate, I was under the impression the Packers forced him to retire...stating 'either you retire, or we bench you....etc.'
Initially, I empathize with his reasons to retire...and I also understand why he would want to come back, especially after thinking and realizing he still has a few more great years of football left in him. Packers or no Packers, Vikings or no will be an interesting year in the NFL depending on where Favre lands :)