August 8, 2008

mmmm 'za

for the first time all summer i was actually home to cook, um, 2 nights this week. it was pretty great. last night ended up getting kind of hurried, though. i had to print out a sample announcement for my new niece and run it down to my sister's house to make sure it worked (that turned into about an hour and half journey). anyway, i made some supper yummy pseudo-pizza last night.

first off...there is no sauce on this 'za.

roll out refridgerated pizza crust onto a cookie sheet (or pizza stone) bake for 5 minutes at suggested temperature (follow instructions, but I like pre-baking the crust so it isn't soggy).
remove crust from oven and brush with olive oil. salt and pepper to taste (i prefer more pepper than salt). layer mushrooms (optional), basil, and chives, top with cheese. (mozzarella would be super yummy, i just used pizza-blend cheese, 'cause that's all i had.) bake per dough's instruction...yum!

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