September 25, 2008

ooooooh, that girl

in just two days one of my best friends will be walking down an isle to publicly commit her life and love to the man of her dreams. she'll be doing this thousands of miles away from me, except that in her heart i will be there.

i really cannot accurately describe her. she's all-smiles, even when she's in a foul mood or crying. she's a ray of hope, whenever it's needed. from thousands of miles away she can make my heart bigger, warm my soul. she's adventurous, sometimes even riotous. she seems to have a sixth sense for when i need a friend. we've had many adventures, experienced numerous life events together. we've had very important, if not questionable in topic, conversations...even in public places. we've kept each other in line and encouraged wild behavior. she's unlike any other person i've ever known.

my mom always asks about her. my mom really loves her, talks about how great she is all the time. she is great.

friendship goes both ways. a really good friend is there for you no matter what's happening in your life. jennie's been there for me through the ups and downs, through everything. even when we weren't super close friends, she let me cry to her when i needed to. she understood what i was going through. we've survived many boys, plenty of shenanigans, lots of life-stuff...and i'm very happy to know that she's found her happily ever after. she's a great friend, one of the best.

when she decided to move away, i was nervous, figured i'd be lost without her (just writing that brings tears to my eyes). she's been gone about 20 months, and i've come to realize a few things in that time. first off, she's always with me. even when i can't talk to her, i can guess what she'd say, sometimes it's comforting and sometimes it inspires me. i can always email her, hoping she has the opportunity to check it soon. if i have a phone card, i can try calling as well, even though the connection isn't always great. she's taught me a lot throughout our friendship, things that i take with me and reference most every day.

thank you for being my dear friend, navi. i wish i could be there with you for this joyous occassion. make sure this man of yours is good to you, you deserve that. hugs, kisses and certainly best wishes!

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