September 23, 2008

1-2, 2 posts in one day!

Whoa! two posts in one day? yep, and within only a couple of hours of each other. absolute craziness!

anyway. i wanted to take a look back at yester-year. kd of willikat and i were just talking about the brat pack movies. for those of you who don't know, the brat pack was a group of teen actors in the 80's who usually starred in coming of age movies. the most famous of the brat pack clan include anthony michael hall, molly ringwald, emilio estevez, and ally sheedy. 16 candles remains one of my all-time favorite 1980's movies.

i was wondering what you guys liked to watch in the 80's?

my list of 80's movie/tv favorites include:
duck tales
facts of life
cosby show
scooby doo
growing pains
TGIF line-up
back to the future
the care bears movie

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