September 2, 2008


this morning, traffic wasn't too bad on the way to work. I wasn't sure what to expect with the RNC in town. There were more cars, temporary parking lots for those who've been displaced, and shuttle buses, but otherwise things were pretty normal. As I turned the corner around my building, I noticed several windows boarded up with large sheets of plywood. Hmmm, I didn't notice any other windows boarded up. Was this a security measure or a temporary fix. I had no idea the chaos and scandal that took place in St. Paul yesterday afternoon. 284 people were arrested, double that of the entire DNC. 130 of those arrested face possible felony charges. The people arrested and involved in the destruction identified themselves as anarchists. Ironically, the mayhem ensued during the antiwar protest.
What a clash...those opposed to war and violence matching up with those who wreaked havoc and violence in the streets. I really can't understand what the anarchists were trying to say. They are opposed to government and rulership. Ok, I can understand that, but then shouldn't you prove yourselves by acting in an orderly manner? You start smashing building windows, throwing bricks at buses, launching urine bombs at police, popping car tires, throwing trash in the streets, creating a human chain across the road to stop traffic... what is your point with all of this? You are proving your theories wrong. Instead of showing how capable people are of being in control of themselves and acting properly, you are showing the American public that you need rules, you need someone to keep you in line. You are being destructive and damaging. You are harming others. You are creating havoc and chaos all around you. There is no way a society could function like that. You have proven yourselves wrong, completely discredited any arguments you could make by the actions you have already made. Think before you act.

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