September 3, 2008

turn it around

life needs to be mixed up every now and then. new things to focus on, new challenges and goals to reach. i don't really have anything new going on in my life. i haven't in quite some time now. i feel like i should have some goal or challenge laying before me. something to work on, towards, somewhere to focus my energies. i have the usual: cleaning the house, groceries, working part-time, errands. i don't have anything new or out of the ordinary, though. i feel like i'm stuck in a bit of a rut. i'm longing for something new, something challenging. i really have no idea what that thing should be, though.

i do have one possibility that i'm beginning to consider. i don't want to get overly excited about it yet, since i am not sure how things will work out. but, the stars would have to align appropriately, financing would need to fall into place, and other such things. plus, i'd have to wait until january for things to begin. for those of you trying to guess what i'm talking about, i'll give you a would involve text books.

i'm looking for some inspiration, dear readers. what kinds of goals do you have in front of you? what are you working on or towards? and if you have any suggestions of things that you think i should work towards, by all means, speak your piece.

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doahleigh said...

Oh my gosh I was totally going to suggest you go back to school because that sure keeps me busy. I'm thinking text boosk might be a really big clue in that direction.