September 16, 2008

weekend update

although it was a rainy, dreary, and kind chilly weekend...i packed a lot of stuff in. after work on friday i ran to the grocery store, because i was in dire need of many things. i made cheesecake cupcakes for saturday's bachelorette party. when all my baking was done, i curled up on the couch to watch juno. (no, i hadn't seen it yet.) it so wasn't what i expected. i guess all i really knew going in was that it was about a teenage pregnancy, and that a minnesota girl wrote it. it was good that i didn't know much, because when movies get too hyped, my expectations are automatically high, sometimes too high. anyway, i thought it was very smart, funny, mature and immature all at the same time. the true minnesota-ness of it didn't hurt at all either - i actually found myself laughing at the minnesota-ness. i don't want to over-hype or ruin anything if you haven't seen it yet. but, i thought it was a good one. i laughed, i cried. yadda yadda (yes, i totally just yadda yaddad over the good stuff.)

saturday i did stuff around the house, attempted to work, studied a bit. most of my day was random tasks (no, my day was not spent with the austin powers character). in the early afternoon, i picked up a friend and we headed over to the bachelorette party. a is getting married in about 3 weeks, and we needed to celebrate the fabulous girl that she is. the party was superfantastic. we played some laugh-till-your-stomach-hurts games, chatted, ate great food and did up the town. one of the games involved carving an evocative male body part out of a fruit. this so brought out my 16-year old boy sense of humor. my comments had willikat and i in tears, we were laughing so hard. well, the party was super fun, with super great gals. i thought the hosts did an excellent job, perhaps the best bachelorette party i've been to.

sunday was some cleaning-up of the party and lots of football watching. the cold, rainy day was a nice catalyst to my couch potato afternoon. i am disgusted that the vikings lost. i'm shocked that denver pulled off a win, with cutler throwing an interception at the goal line, then later fumbling the ball (but recovering it, because the ref blew the play dead - scoring a touchdown on that drive). good news, though, i won my fantasy football match-up. sweet. i'm now 1-1. i'm pretty happy, since i accidently played someone who was on bye (damn, must read ALL the reports). anyway, that's alls ive gots for now. hope your weekend was a good one!

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