September 18, 2008

words about stuff

last night, i wrote a post in my head that was, um, kinda mean. there was some ranting and raving involved. there was strong language and ill-worded complaints. there was even name calling. after all the steam escaped through my ears and i've been given a good nights rest, i approach with a milder temper.

golden child is no more. yep, coach brad childress has decided to bench his young hero - tavaris jackson. (bet you didn't think the opening was going to lead to football talk, did ya?!) i was rather disappointed that the vikings scored 5 times on sunday - all of which were field goals. read: our dumb QB can't man-up and complete a touchdown pass. (yes, this is the nicer version.) after sticking by jackson as the starting quarter back on sunday, childress has done a 180, naming backup qb gus ferote (15 year never-been-a-starter) as the stater for the remainder of the season. i'm happy for the change, and i hope it turns things around for the vikes. i'm just a little maddened that the vikings administration put so much faith into young, unexperienced jackson...just to have it blow up in their faces. childress is fighting for his job. vikings fans are wanting a decent game to watch.

ok, my football rant is over.

i just finished reading "First to Die" by James Patterson. it's a thrilling murder mystery, with lots of twists and turns, complete with underlying love story and great friendship. this was a real page-turner. it got me wondering, do people come up with these severely twisted and grueling stories? i'm giving the benefit of the doubt that novelists are normal/average human beings. how then do their story lines follow such dark and wrenching stories? yikes!

and now, for our disappointing portion of today's programming - i want to comment on the economy, but i'm not really sure what to say. so much has been happening lately. freddie mac and fannie mae were propped up by government funding. now aig has a huge chunk of money coming to their rescue from the us government. foreclosures are popping up all over the place. the feds dropped interest rates months ago, in a dire attempt to help people failing to recover from their refinancing due to conclusion of arm loans. in an attempt to 1) not get too worked-up, 2) not offend anyone, 3) not start some huge debate, and 4) not to get in over my head, i make the following comments.
is it the governments responsibility to bail out private businesses or investment firms, should they only do so when it will create upheaval in the financial world, where do they draw the line? if the government is helping out the people who got in over their heads...aren't they essentially saying to the responsible people: well, you're responsible, so we expect you to do the right thing. how can the government afford to help out freddie mac and fannie mae, loan billions of dollars to aig, fund regular government spending plus the war plus terrorist surveilance plus plus plus...?


Stacy said...

agreed. I just wish there was a way to understand!!
No need to apologize for your words either...words can't step on someone's toes...people can step on someone's toes. Hope you're having a good day!

Katie said...

and they call democrats the big spenders.